Congratulations and good luck to Trust Challenge applicants! / Why do I have to apply through an institution or organization? What are the expectations for institutional/organizational involvement?

This year’s Digital Media and Learning Competition invites applicants to identify and address real-world challenges to trust in connected learning environments or “labs.” A formal affiliation with an organization/institution/entity, is more likely to support an individual applicant in creating a solution for a specific real-world application and implementation, helping to create trustworthy, scalable, innovative, and transformative exemplars of connected learning that bridge technological solutions with complex social considerations.  In addition to  institutional guarantees about meeting grant terms and conditions, financing, etc., the named organization/institution is required to have the necessary institutional frameworks and buy-in to fully support and implement the project if approved.   Also, if grant funds were to be awarded to the primary applicant directly, doing so would have significant tax liability, which could reduce the available grant money to be devoted to the project.

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