Congratulations and good luck to Trust Challenge applicants! / What types of projects will the Trust Challenge support?

Funded projects should be aligned with the principles of connected learning and develop one or more of the following:

  • social media tools, apps, and platforms that improve trust, privacy, and control of information, and safety online;
  • digital badging systems or other online evaluation mechanisms, recognition and feedback methods to recognize learning across multiple spheres to give youth control over how their data are used, displayed, and shared;
  • educational or tech solutions to support more trustworthy online privacy and security practices and literacies for youth and encourage community building for learning;
  • online learning experiences, tools, or content explicitly designed to promote a culture of civility and respect empowering all youth as creators and stewards of an open, inviting, and egalitarian web; and/or
  • interoperable data management platforms or solutions that include open standards and protocols for learning resources.

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