Congratulations and good luck to Trust Challenge applicants! / What should be included in my formal budget?

Allowable expenses include:

  • Personnel expenses such as staff work hours, personnel salary, travel expenses, etc.;
  • Project materials and supplies;
  • Technology costs, including software and hardware. Requests for funds to purchase durable supplies or equipment costing more than $20 per item must include a statement indicating where ownership of each item will reside once the purchase is made (individual or organization), and how the item is expected to provide continued benefit to the owner throughout the project development period;
  • Consultant fees, including legal, policy, educational, and technological consultants;
  • Costs associated with deployment, implementation, and communication of your project.

Required expenses include:

  • Awardees whose projects involve any human subjects research or testing are required to set aside funds for the review of an Institutional Review Board (IRB) to be approved by a commercial IRB.
  • All budgets must also include airfare (or other transportation), transfers, lodging and meals for two to three days for a winner’s event at a major urban site in the United States (to be determined).

Indirect costs:

  • For institutional/organizational applications, indirect costs will be permitted at a maximum of fifteen (15) percent ONLY if required in a published indirect cost policy by the primary applicant’s home institution or organization.

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