Congratulations and good luck to Trust Challenge applicants! / What are the goals of the Trust Challenge?

The Trust Challenge seeks to create exemplar laboratories whose ideas and solutions can be scaled. Successful Trust Challenge proposals must bridge technological solutions with complex social considerations around trust and open standards, including how to:

  • design systems and digital environments that engender trust for networks of youth, parents, and educators;
  • provide youth with the tools, skills, and knowledge to know when a system is safe, to control their data, and to confidently use the web and its resources;
  • encourage youth to interact collaboratively with peers and mentors in productive ways, by putting web resources and networks to good social, civic and academic purposes;
  • promote a culture of civility and respect online, enabling deeper and more supportive, trusted engagement among youth so that they become responsible creators and stewards of an open, inviting, and egalitarian web;
  • engender respectful use and sharing of online personal data so that youth understand how their data are used by other people, corporations, and governments, and what the consequences of sharing their data can be.

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