Congratulations and good luck to Trust Challenge applicants! / What am I required to submit in the FastApps application? What will be visible to the public?

Applications must be submitted through the online FastApps system and will require the following items. Contact information, personal identification information, and budgets will not be made public. Please see our privacy policy for additional information.

  • an overview of the proposed collaborations and laboratory site;
  • a detailed description of the institutional challenge to trust in a connected learning environment;
  • a detailed description of the proposed digital tool, platform, or solution and how it will address the challenge;
  • a rationale for the importance of the tool, platform, or solution that takes into consideration Trust Challenge criteria;
  • a team roster and division of responsibilities;
  • budget and budget narrative;
  • proposed development process and timeline;
  • preliminary implementation and communication strategy, including a plan for engaging organizational stakeholders and audiences who will use the tool, platform, or solution.

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