Congratulations and good luck to Trust Challenge applicants! / Do applications have to be cross-institutional? Do I have to have outside collaborators to apply?

No. While we strongly encourage collaboration and partnering, it is not required. Your entire team may originate from the primary applicant’s home institution/organization. Please note, however, that your team should include all the necessary personnel, consultants, etc. to consider your trust issue from both a social and technological perspective and to design and implement appropriate solutions.

Teams must include institutional/organizational stakeholders and administrators that can provide and direct project objectives, inform design and implementation, and increase opportunities for scalability. Additionally, teams might also include:

  • technologists, web developers, app developers, badge system designers, etc. that can design, build and implement the proposed digital solution; and
  • researchers, educators, learning experts, policy advisors, legal counsel, etc. that can give careful consideration to complex social and institutional/organizational considerations around trust and learning.

Keep in mind that successful projects will be those that create scalable, innovative, and transformative exemplars of connected learning. As such, your issue around trust should be one that other organizations might encounter and can learn from.

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